Police arrest man with bank cards

Table View police have arrested a man they found carrying four bank cards bearing different names.

Officers were patrolling near Sandown Shopping Centre in the early hours of Saturday January 7 when a security guard reported seeing a man lurking suspiciously near the ATM.

Table View police spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler said an officer who questioned and searched the man had found “large sums of cash” on him as well as bank cards with various names printed on them.

The man claimed to be an asylum seeker but could not provide officers with his documents. Neither could he explain why he had bank cards belonging to other people.

He was arrested for being in possession of presumably stolen property.

Police arrested a man for mugging a woman in Dorchester Park, Parklands, on Saturday January 7.

Captain Chandler said the man had grabbed the woman by the arm as she was walking home.

He had taken her cellphone and fled after threatening to produce a concealed weapon.

The woman had told her husband, who had then gone looking for the mugger and apprehended him not far from the scene of the crime, recovering his wife’s phone.

The man was detained at Parklands police station on a robbery charge.

“He did not have a weapon on him. However, this could not have been known to the victim at the time,” said Captain Chandler.

“The area in which the robbery occurred is one in which many similar robberies occur frequently.”

She advised the public to conceal cellphones and other valuables when walking there.