Police arrest three

The white mini-bus.

Police have arrested three suspected muggers after a man was punched, stabbed and robbed in a Parklands street.

The 68-year-old was walking to a bus stop on Monday March 5, at 5.45am, when a white minibus pulled up next to him.

Table View police spokeswoman, Captain Adriana Chandler, said its sudden appearance had spooked the man, and he had started to run.

At the same time, three men leapt out of the vehicle and chased after him.

“They caught up with him and started to hit him with their fists,” said Captain Chandler. “One took out a sharp object and stabbed the victim in the head. He collapsed, and they started searching his pockets.”

The muggers took cash and cards, before fleeing in the minibus.

The man flagged down passing Table View police officers and described the minibus and his attackers to them.

Security company officers spotted a vehicle matching his description parked in Link Road, Parklands, shortly afterwards.

Police officers rushed to the scene and found three men in the minibus.

“The occupants were instructed to exit the vehicle and they were searched. The vehicle was also searched. Police found the stolen property with various dangerous weapons, one of which was presumably used in the commission of the crime,” she said.

The men, aged 21,22 and 27, were arrested and held at Table View police station, pending their appearance in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court today.

The victim of the attack was treated by Community Medics at the police station and offered trauma counselling, said Captain Chandler.