Politics behind poaching

P Cecil Mubvumbi, Parklands

Thank you ever so much for allowing poaching to thrive.

Many thanks to the Kenyan government, CITIES, local and international anti-poaching activists and all the celebrities that witnessed the torching of ivory and rhino tusks recently in Kenya.

Thanking you for ensuring that the poaching of elephants and rhinos will not only thrive but is poised for growth.

A lot of questions demand answers:

* What is the logic or motive of burning the tusks worth millions when you could have supplied and met demand for such, for many years to come and easing poaching activities?

* Why would you choose to forego over 105 million US dollars in revenue, when in Southern Africa auctions were held and revenue generated went a long way in fighting poaching?

* How different is a person killing an elephant or a rhino from a person or people who ensure a supply of ivory and rhino tusks is constrained even when the animal died of natural causes?

* Who benefited other than the very poachers as their business is now poised for sustained growth?

* From your action when can we start to see the decline in poaching activities?

Unfortunately, equivalent of living elephants and rhinos that yield the same quantity of tusks will have to be slayed because you denied that market, that amount of ivory and rhino tusks which you had in hand.

It will be sad if the “go-to” people and organisations at the forefront of the fight against elephant and rhino poaching are merely lining their pockets, paying lip-service and burying their heads in the sand when we expected a booming voice.