Poor call from Telkom

Brian Jeffries, Bothasig

Am I the only person experiencing a problem getting a monthly Telkom account by email?

For years it was posted and “normally” arrived at my street address on time. Then, the system was changed and they started coming by email, which was great and of course saved money and paper.

Two months ago, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t seen a Telkom account and, hasten to say, didn’t recall having paid recently. This worried me, as I don’t like outstanding accounts. So, I checked and found somehow I was in arrears!

I double-checked my emails, but I hadn’t overlooked an incoming account. So I phoned Telkom. I was told they were aware of a problem and were working on it.

I have now phoned for three months in order to get them to send me an account, which they have done immediately and in a charming way – most apologetic. I enquired if I now have to ask for my account every month and was told “yes” until the problem is sorted or I can go to their website.

Now I am not very brilliant when it comes to websites and the like so it looks like I have to diarise to phone Telkom around the 18th of every month.

Please, is this the way Telkom does business. They are in the communication business and can’t sort out their mailing problems.

I don’t understand what the problem can be, maybe someone can enlighten me?

* Gugulethu Maqetuka, Telkom executive for group communication and business support responds:

Emailed customer invoices on Telkom accounts, are compiled, generated and distributed through an automated billing platform. Every so often it becomes necessary for us to make changes to the platform in order to keep it relevant in terms of dynamics that change from the customer base end.

As new inclusions and changes become apparent in terms of external internet service providers, external email exchange servers and even our own introduction of new products and services, enhancement of the platform becomes necessary.

The company is working on updating the platform and emailed invoice delivery will be back to normal once the process is concluded on Saturday September 10. During the maintenance period, we have processed emailed invoices manually.

Customers that have not received their invoices may call our customer-care line on 10210 or, alternatively, SMS their Telkom line number, followed by the account holder’s ID number to 012 321 0210 in order to query account balances.

They may also access their Telkom accounts online by registering on the MyTelkom portal here: apps.telkom.co. za/access-manager/ protected/view/my telkom. Telkom apologises to its customers for any inconvenience they may have experienced as we work towards improving our email billing service.