Potsdam Road hot spot

Rene Butzer talking to the residents about the importance of joining street committees.

Potsdam Road is a major concern for Table View residents as the crime stats show it’s a hot spot for robberies and driving under the influence (DUI).

Around 25 residents and neighbourhood watch members attended the Table View Community Police Forum’s (CPF) first public meeting for the year, at the Kingsgate Fellowship Church on Thursday February 15.

Table View SAPS’ Warrant officer Riaan Prins gave a brief presentation of Sector 3’s crime stats for the period from December 1 last year to February 15 this year.

Potsdam Road was highlighted as being the one problem areas as most robberies and DUIs happen there.

Most of these robberies are people stealing out of cars like smash-and-grabs.

“It is because of cases like these that we urge people to be more vigilant at robots and in traffic in general. This is also where we have high drug arrests.

“Out of 98 drug cases, 48 come from the Potsdam and Doornbach areas,” said Warrant Officer Prins.

Resident were encouraged to speak out against any form of abuse.

“We cannot tolerate abuse in any form and we want people to not keep quiet about these issues.

“We deal with about six or seven protection orders daily. The problem is that we can’t do anything if people don’t come forward and report crime,” he added.

Rene Butzer, in charge of the Sector 3 Street Committees, said people should get more involved with their street committees.

“We have a system here where we try to get every resident on a street WhatsApp group. These groups help people know what is going on in their street. Of course, not everyone gets involved but we have shown that this system does work as shown by the crime stats which don’t seem to get out of hand,” said Mr Butzer.