Prayer day for universities

UCT students clash with police as stun grenades are used during protests.Picture: Reuters

The Fellowship of Claremont Churches, representing 14 Churches in Claremont, invites anyone who believes in the power of prayer to participate in an Open Day of Prayer for Peace and Justice on university campuses today Wednesday November 2.

The open day will be hosted by the Christian ministers of Claremont, using the Claremont Methodist Church, at 22 Cavendish Street, as the venue.

The venue will be open from 8am to 8pm for individuals and groups to find a safe and sacred space in which to pray for peace and justice on the university campuses of South Africa.

A prayer guide with suggestions for prayer will be provided for those who would like to have some direction.

While private and group prayer is the main focus, the ministers will be on duty throughout the day to pray with anyone who is in need of prayer.

For more information, call 021 674 2596 (mornings only).