Preserving wooden bridge

Margaret Escreet, Sunningdale

Regarding the much debated wooden bridge, (“Bridge passes another hurdle”, Tabletalk, March 8), I would like to propose that when it has finally been restored it is handed over to one of the local charities to use as a method of fund-raising.

I walked on a similar-type wooden pier in Swanage, in the United Kingdom, a few years ago and noticed that every wooden beam had several “in memorium” plaques affixed between the gaps of the boards across the breadth of the bridge.

I think a local charity such as Sea Rescue or similar, could take on this project using plastic plaques (metal ones may be stolen) for a nominal fee.

A certificate could be issued as proof of payment/ confirmation that the plaque had been completed.

Family members and generations to come, could then walk on the restored bridge and seek out the names of their loved ones who have passed on.