Providing clothes to those in need

Matric pupil Euegene Sande says he wants to help thosein need by donating clothes.

A young man from Phoenix is vowing to do what he can to clothe the less fortunate.

Euegene Sande, a 19-year-old matric pupil, has already started collecting clothes in Phoenix, Joe Slovo and Milnerton.

Euegene wants to donate all the clothes he gets to an orphanage or old-age home in time for Christmas.

He is being helped by his mother, Memory Majaji, and his younger brother.

Euegene and his brother and sister were still very young when their parents left Zimbabwe, hoping to build a better life for their family South Africa.

Euegene and his siblings were left in the care of their grandmother, and it was from her, he says, that he learned to be selfless and share with others.

“My grandmother meant everything to me, and she taught me so much about being kind. In 2011, she passed away, and I felt like my life was over because of how close we were. Our aunt took care of us after my granny passed away, and eventually, a year later, my father moved us all to South Africa.”

Euegene says it was hard trying to adjust to the change because they came from a quiet rural life in Zimbabwe to a fast-paced life in Cape Town.

He struggled to communicate with other children in school at St John’s RC Primary in Kensington because his English wasn’t strong.

“But I was welcomed with open arms and was shown a lot of love.

“One of my teachers at the time, who has since passed away, took me under his wing. He was involved in charity work outside of school. He also taught me the value of helping others – just like my grandmother had taught me growing up. It was then when I decided that one day, when I’m able to, I would make it my mission to help others who are less fortunate.”

In 2016, without his mother knowing it, Eugene started storing his old clothes.

Ms Majaji says that every so often when she would clear her cupboards and the wardrobes, he would come to her and say, “Mama, don’t throw away any clothes because granny used to teach us there are people suffering and they may need the things we no longer find use for.”

Ms Majaji says this sentiment trickled through the entire family because even in Zimbabwe, the family continue to donate whatever they can to charities.

“I am grateful that I have a son who has this mindset at such a young age. I thank my late mother for the lesson she instilled in him. I am very proud of him. He has made me and his family so happy and he’s carrying on his grandmother’s lessons.”

Euegene hopes to register the Euegene Sande Foundation one day, but after he finishes his matric. He hopes to get into the fashion and design industry one day with his own clothing brand.

People interested in helping Euegene with his donation drive can email him at or WhatsApp 074 776 3250.