Public comment period extended

Floor plan of Millview development in Sunridge, Table View.

The period to comment on a plan for blocks of flats in Table View has been pushed back to Monday September 7.

The Millview development of several three- and four-storey-high blocks of flats at 25 Gie Road has drawn opposition from residents and civic groups. The plan seeks to rezone the site from community zoning to general residential 2. The original August 10 deadline for public comment was criticised for being too tight.

The Flandorp Family Property Trust owns the site. They were given the land by the national Department of Rural Development and Land Reform to settle a land-restitution claim by the family who lost their properties in Goodwood, Parow and Elsies River during apartheid’s forced removals.

The City of Cape Town’s Blaauwberg district manager, Linah Dube, said her office had re-advertised the application to give people more time to comment and so that more notifications could be sent out.

Christine Havenga, of First Plan Town and Regional Planners, who submitted the application on behalf of the Flandorp family, said they accepted the decision.

“Ms Dube’s office contacted us, and she indicated that they made a mistake with regard to the extent of advertising required for this application. She said they want to advertise it wider and give people an extended period to comment. We accepted it as we realised that it would be in the interest of the application to be advertised as wide as possible even if it causes some further delays for the applicant.”

Table View resident Philippe Roche said the development was an “uncalled and unreasonable densification project” that would cause more traffic congestion; overburden stormwater and sewarage systems already overloaded by complexes mushrooming on Gie, Circle, North, Study, Briza, and Arum roads; and ramp up crime.

“Densification in Table View, Flamingo Vlei, Sunridge, West Riding has seen crime increases that are impossible to comprehend, and Table View SAPS station is overloaded and unable to cope” he said.

Ms Havenga said people could study the application on the City’s website and note amendments to an original proposal that had taken residents’ concerns into account.

The application can be viewed here.