Put brakes on motorbikes

Pierre Marais, Table View

I am reacting to an earlier email about excessive noise on the R27 (“Stop traffic violations”, Tabletalk, February 26), in particular the stretch of road between the traffic lights at Dolphin Beach, and the traffic lights on Blaauwberg Road. Motorbikes are the main culprits. The owners appear to be travelling as fast as they possibly can.

The noise is excessive and mufflers have been removed to make it as loud as possible, with the result that it even sounds like a race track.

It’s amazing that this happens every day. Do the traffic officers not know about this mindless speeding or the consequences thereof?

What makes matters a whole lot worse, is that the perimeter fence, from Blaauwberg Road to Dolphin Beach on the Rubens Road side, has mysteriously disappeared, so there is no protection to the people living along Rubens Road from the busy R27 and the speeding motorbikes. Sooner or later an innocent child will be knocked down.

I sent messages to councillor Nicky Rheeder, a year ago, indicating the lack of a proper fence. Nothing has been done. The noise and the speeding continues.

* Tabletalk will publish Ms Rheeder’s comments in the next available edition if and when we receive it.