Racism in schools

Mike Thurgood, Milnerton

I submit a letter below on the subject-of-the-moment, namely racism in SA’s secondary schools, of which I wasn’t previously aware – there was no opportunity to become aware of it until the school pupils started protesting in Gauteng – and now in the Western Cape.

I think that it is appalling that secondary schools – seemingly the main culprits – should be adopting such a racist attitude towards black pupils, after 22 years of alleged democracy, through not having done anything to change the schools’ codes of conduct.

That anyone could even allow a relic of apartheid to remain, namely that black school children still aren’t permitted to speak their own language – Xhosa (at least in the Western Cape; different languages in other provinces) – among themselves is incredible.

One wonders how have teachers – white teachers – managed to remain so grossly racist after 22 years of democracy?

But if teachers don’t make changes as soon as possible many will find themselves in trouble with the authorities.