Reckless police driver recorded

A video was taken of Table View SAPS going straight at a turn signal and this infuriated residents.

A video that appears to show a Table View police van needlessly flouting traffic rules on its return to headquarters has sparked public outrage.

The 30-second clip, shot by Table View resident Nicolaas Loubser’s dashboard-mounted GoPro camera, shows his car and others taking off at traffic lights on Raats Drive towards Blaauwberg Road, at 4.21pm on Sunday.

A few seconds later, a police van pops up on the left in the turning lane but when it reaches the traffic light, it continues straight.

Mr Loubser, in the correct lane going straight, drives in the direction of the van, which eventually turns right into the police station.

Mr Loubser said police should be a shining example to the rest of us.

“It was the second time (the first one is not on video) that I saw this. The first time it was in Blaauwberg Road, on a right turn only. They zoomed straight, just like the taxis are doing. Ordinary people will do the same if more and more people act like this.”

Table View police spokeswoman, Captain Adriana Chandler, said Mr Loubser could either lay an anonymous complaint using the station’s “suggestion register” or officially complain to the station commander or a senior officer. Both options would lead to an internal investigation, although in the latter case the complainant would get feedback on the outcome of the investigation.

Table View Community Police Forum chairman, David Harris, said he had reported the incident to the police station so it could be investigated.