Residents save Brunsvigia

Volunteers rescue the plants.

For the next week or two, Table View residents will see pockets of Brunsvigia in full bloom in the area.

These flowers used to cover the veld north of Parklands College sports fields, off Sandown Road, now called Sagewood says the Friends of Blaauwberg Conservation Area (FoBCA) member, Kay Loubser.

“Three years ago, a few botanical enthusiasts from FoBCA heard that bulldozers were going to move into the area. Roy Fuller-Gee, FoBCA chairman, and members of the FoBCA immediately jumped into action to help rescue and replant some of these Brunsvigia in nature reserves in the Blouberg area,” said Ms Loubser.

But the removal of bulbs for replanting with roots was more time-consuming than anticipated and only a fraction of the bulbs could be rescued, she said.

“The bulbs, some the size of a person’s head, may be about 40 years old. So when you see these Brunsvigias over the next two weeks, please stop and take a closer look,” she said.

* The FoBCA would like to know whether some of the Sagewood residents might have some Brunsvigia growing in their gardens.

These would be the plants that the FoBCA members could not rescue in time before the bulldozers moved in.

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