Robberies not surprising

Susy Thirion, Sunset Beach

I am not surprised about the robberies at Paddocks Shopping Centre I was a regular customer at the centre. I don’t trust the centre anymore after my experience with management and the security personnel’s non-existing support.

I can also prove that I am not the only one with bad experience regarding their security. Maybe they must get their cameras in a working condition.

* Paddocks Shopping Centre spokeswoman Ingrid Nel responds:

We welcome feedback and are happy for patrons to contact us with their feedback.

We have had many compliments about our current security who have often gone above and beyond to satisfy customers.

We are also happy to hear when customers are unsatisfied as it gives us an opportunity to remedy the situation.

Our cameras are fully operational and we are concerned that dangerous misinformation is being spread about the centre. We invite this complainant to contact us directly.