Roll-out of service delivery‘first order of business’

Helen Carstens has been elected as the new chair of Sub-council 3.

Newly elected Sub-council 3 chairwoman Helen Carstens envisions a vibrant and approachable sub-council that is “ready to serve and assist”.

The councillor of Ward 5, which includes Edgemead and Bothasig, was elected chairwoman at the Sub-council’s inaugural meeting at the Goodwood council chambers in Voortrekker Road, on Tuesday November 15.

She was first elected as a councillor in an August 2014 by-election, then re-elected in the local government elections.

“The first order of business will be the rolling out of the new service delivery plan,” she said.

“This will become effective from January 2017 and will see service delivery being localised and brought closer to the community.

“This plan will be aligned to sub-councils and will provide for a localised elementary service delivery that will attend to, among others, electricity faults, water leaks, faulty street lights, potholes, illegal dumping and other residential issues.”

Asked how she would manage the added work load that came with being a sub-council chairwoman, she said it would be like juggling home and work life.

“I would liken my ward, where I serve as the councillor, to my home and the sub-council could be likened to the work – metaphorically speaking – so it is all about time management and priorities. Both your home and your work are of equal importance therefore one simply needs to manage time and keep a diary,” she said.

Sub-council 3 now has six wards: 1, 4, 5, 70, 107 and 113, following Municipal Demarcation Board changes.

Ms Carstens said public participation was an important part of sub-council, and she encouraged residents to get involved and give feedback on policy and by-law proposals.

If residents didn’t get a response to their logged calls, emails or SMSes to the City, they could give their reference number to their councillor who would follow up.

“I feel confident in the road ahead as there is a very solid and knowledgeable team based at Sub-council 3 and together we will have a successful and effective Sub-council,” said Ms Carstens.

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