Royal cheer

Agi Orfanos hangs the British flag whenever there are special occasions in England.

West Beach resident Agi Orfanos hung the Union Jack outside his home in honour of Saturday’s royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

When Prince Harry wed Meghan, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, it brought back fond memories for Mr Orfanos.

The flag he hung belonged to his mother and was used when Queen Elizabeth visited South Africa in 1947.

“When the Queen came to South Africa in 1947, she spent three months touring the country. She celebrated her 21st here.

“My mother is two years younger than the queen and was staying at her father’s apartment in Louis Botha Avenue, in Orange Grove, Johannesburg. It was the main road from Pretoria to Johannesburg.

“The Queen drove through this street, and people were given the flag to hang on the building when they passed,” said Mr Orfanos.

“She saw the whole royal family from the balcony from the apartment,” said Mr Orfanos “and again with her school, Highlands North High school, when they went to a stadium to watch the family on a podium.”

Mr Orfanos has inherited the flag from his mother and said it was now an heirloom. Ms Orfanos who is now 88 enjoyed watching the wedding on TV, said Mr Orfanos.