Rules of the road

Peter Smulik, Rugby

It’s fascinating reading what Table View police spokeswoman Captain Adriana Chandler reveals, and one can either believe she is right or shooting nonsense from the hip (“Answers sought atfer crash,” Tabletalk, October 18).

One point, however, is most disturbing, if correct, and that is that no Breathalysers are carried on SAPS vehicles. That’s almost like having ambulances without first-aid equipment.

And as for “not being admissible in a court of law”, I wonder why we have roadblocks and Breathalyser tests from time to time, even with SAPS forces standing by.

But for the rest I wonder whether the captain ever completed driver training because almost all her denials are covered in the “learner’s” booklet, contradicting just about everything she disputes.

On defensive driving, the booklet says look in all directions for possible hazards (a wall?).

On rules of the road, it says these are law and must be obeyed. You may be charged for failure to comply (hitting and damaging a wall?).

It says a motor vehicle may not travel on a pavement (not even crossing it, unless designed so as to enter a property).

It cautions motorists not to disregard the safety of others or property (damaging a wall?).

It says the drivers is always responsible for ensuring the vehicle is safely controlled at all times (colliding with a wall, the driver was not in control).

These are just some of the points, which have obviously been contravened by the driver of the said vehicle, for which the law makes provision for prosecution.

The question of course is, why has he or she not been charged?