SA Post Office warns against 419 scam

The SA Post Office warns the public to be on alert for a parcel delivery scam to con unsuspecting victims out of their money.

The perpetrators, who claim to be SA Post Office employees contact clients of the Lesotho Postal Services by telephone and email to say that a parcel intended for delivery to such clients is kept by the SA Post Office and ready for delivery.

Clients are, however, informed that such a parcel will only be released once a certain amount has been paid. Instances have been reported where clients are “required” to pay an amount of R2 500 into a fraudulently opened bank account before the parcel is released.

The SA Post Office warns the public to be on the alert when they receive such communication.

The SA Post Office as well as the Lesotho Postal Services do not require customers to make any deposit of funds into bank accounts before releasing parcels – formal procedures are followed to inform clients of a parcel that is to be collected.

Members of the public who have such information are requested to call the police or the Post Office’s crime buster hotline at 0800 020 070.