Sanddrift eatery raises traffic concerns

A plan to turn a Sanddrift house into a restaurant has raised concerns about its possible impact on traffic and crime.

The application is to rezone 26 Aerial Road from Single Residential to General Business to allow for the restaurant and 11 parking bays.

The development won’t aggravate traffic or stress existing infrastructure, say Headland Town Planners, who filed the application on behalf of the property owner.

But Sanddrift Network and Residents’ Association chairwoman, Cindy Hart, says while the restaurant itself isn’t a bad idea, the small parking lot could attract crime.

“We already have an issue with crime in Sanddrift and by having all these cars parking in that area, we could be inviting criminals. We would have to chat with residents and the owner so that everything is ironed out,” she said.

Ms Hart accused the City of Cape Town of approving several developments in the area without informing residents.

“People and businesses in the area get to do add-ons and renovations on their properties, and, often, the residents are not aware of such projects. It is very concerning because even when we do report people who build on their properties without the proper consent, the transgressors get slapped with a fine and are allowed to carry on building.”

Claus Mischker, director at Headland, said the “neighbourhood restaurant” would benefit the community.

“There will not be much traffic impact, as the restaurant is small, and all parking is catered for on the property.

“Note that the road network was fairly recently upgraded, and the difficult direct connection between Aerial Road and Corsair Road was closed off,” he said.

No upgrade to infrastructure was needed, as the proposal was to convert an existing home into a small restaurant.

Ms Hart said while they were unlikely to object there already was a restaurant two doors down from number 26 so it was worth considering the impact on traffic.

“We still have to sit down and discuss this with residents as we did not get any form of communication from the City about it. There shouldn’t be an issue with the place if all procedures and regulations are above board. We will also need to find out if neighbours have any concerns,” she said.

Mark Brodrick, of Pringle Road in Sanddrift, said he had no problem with a new restaurant as long as all the regulations were met.

“It’s healthy competition, and I’m sure the owner is trying to make a good honest living,” he said.

Comments or objections can be sent to or write to PO Box 35, Milnerton, 7435. The objection deadline is November 4.