School tackles social ills


Milnerton High School Grade 12 pupils held various campaigns to tackle everyday problems, including racism, teen suicide, gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse and date rape.

Leigh-Ann Pringle, who heads the visual arts department at the school, started the project three years ago.

“Each class has a different theme. They need to work in groups of three and consider what angle they can take to make their community aware of a certain social issue and then implement a campaign that includes an action that the viewer can take. The campaign would include posters, pamphlets and an advert on YouTube. Quite a few groups have implemented the campaign in creative ways, for example, on Facebook, chat rooms, etcetera.”

Ms Pringle said that when the campaigns had first been done in 2014 they had a “huge influence”.

“I still get messages from clips seen by people in other countries,” she said.

“It teaches the learners the importance of campaigns within the media but also offers opportunities that are relevant to learn about current social issues,” said Ms Pringle.