Security plan for Big Bay

The Big Bay Master Property Owners Association held a feedback session at the Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club at Eden on the Bay.

The property association that looks after Big Bay is using a growing network of cameras, including a drone, to watch the precinct and keep crime out.

It’s also considering a clampdown on car guards and hawkers, whom it claims are behind some of the crime plaguing the area.

The Big Bay Master Property Owners’ Association (BBMPOA) held a meeting at the Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club on Thursday October 20, where security topped the agenda, but only 10 people attended.

Nevertheless, Anthony Avidon, the association’s chairman went ahead with the meeting, noting that 13 security cameras keep watch over the precinct.

The cameras are funded by the association, which, to date, has forked out R235 000 for the network. Three more cameras are set to go up soon.

Security is a hot topic in Big Bay after four teenagers were robbed and attacked on the beachfront (“Teens attacked on beach,” Tabletalk, October 5).

“We’ve put up cameras all over Eden on the Bay and all around the parking lots. Last week, a guy was arrested for trying to break into a car. We’ve picked up alcohol selling and drug dealing and have been able to get law enforcement to come in and stop it,” said Mr Avidon.

Two rent-a-cops would patrol the area in a branded vehicle from next month, and a drone had been keeping an eye on crime since last year.

“A lot of arrests have been happening as a result of it, and it’s also useful for us to see when homeless people move into dune spaces so we can immediately call in the relevant authorities to come deal with that problem,” he said.

The association might also decide to ban car guards and hawkers from the parking lot at Eden on the Bay.

“The real problem is that the key source of day-to-day criminal activity comes out of these two.

“We have camera footage where we actually see a car guard looking around and shielding a thief breaking into the boot of a car,” he said.

Landscaping is another big project the BBMPOA is tackling. Mr Avidon said the association had a budget of almost R1 million for landscaping for the coming year.

Councillor Nora Grose said at the meeting that she would plough most of her 2016/2017 ward allocation into beachfront upgrades.

“We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world and it’s sad that it was neglected before my time, and I don’t want to allow it to be neglected further. So, for the next five years going forward, my purpose will be making the beachfront a site where people from the world over will want to visit.”