Seeing red

Buntu Gwija, EFF councillor candidate for Ward 55, Brooklyn

I wish to record my displeasure about your reporting in areas where the EFF is contesting (“Race to the poll is on,” Tabletalk, July 13).

We are the third largest party in South Africa, but we are made to feel like step-children of either the DA or the ANC.

I want to put it on record that the EFF is contesting all 116 wards in the Cape metro. So omitting to report on the EFF in Ward 55 is unacceptable.

Instead you cite some veterans of the DA or COPE who have already failed the majority of South Africans and want to come back and continue to fail. You also mention the unknown DA candidate Fabian Ah-sing, with no mention of the EFF at all.

I think we have enough credentials to tackle all these preferred candidates. I am the councillor elect of Ward 55. My message is clear: bring it on, we’re ready for you.

No ward in the Cape metro will be left unchallenged. We are not going to allow the pimps in Brooklyn and Woodstock to run this City.

If the DA claims to own a ward, then we must pronounce that the DA has failed the community of Brooklyn. There is no good story to tell, instead we see the rise of human trafficking and prostitution – is this the benchmark for Fabian?

Our manifesto is clear: “The EFF will make sure that a minimum of 50 percent of basic goods, services and products consumed in the municipality are manufactured, processed or assembled within the municipality.”

This is a tip of the iceberg because I am committed to serve people in Ward 55 using our social radical approach from the left.

I dare to challenge all the political parties contesting against the EFF to bring an alternative, rather than credentials, on an open platform.

We are ready to take Ward 55. Economic freedom is here. Our revolution is in HD, it’s scholarly, informed, radical and left. Unlike the Freedom Front Plus and DA who constantly remove our posters in Ward 107 and Ward 55, we are not going to be deterred. However, these two political parties are just about amassment of resources and protection of the already stolen resources.

We are against these gangsters disguised as the DA. EFF is our last hope for service delivery. We want your newspapers to start treating us seriously. We are no step-children of anyone. We are here, and we are the last hope, and our colour is red.

* Tabletalk regrets the error.