Selfish surfer

Christian Jaggers, Sunningdale

While sitting in my car on Blaauwberg beachfront on Wednesday October 3, eating an ice-cream with my daughter, we witnessed this young man in his car next to us get ready for his afternoon of fun in the wind.

Only then to see him jump over the newly erected fence and trample his way across the sensitive dune fauna of the area.

The worst part about it was realising his absolute disregard for this area, especially after so much money is and has been spent to try and keep our beaches looking good. Shame on you.

The second worst thing about this incident was the fact that the actual path which leads to the beach was a mere 20m away, and he deemed it absolutely necessary to simply scale the fence (which is there to stop people from crossing over) because he was to lazy to walk around.

Shame on you!

I managed to snap a picture of this occurrence as well as his vehicle and hope this finds its way to the papers in a bid, for this infringement to be taken further.

Hopefully law enforcement will track him down and make the individual do some beach clean up.

Maybe then he will think twice about being so inconsiderate.