Senior crushed over car crash

Dorothy Viviers, Table View

Due to the carelessness of a young driver, my 82-year-old mother, Dorothy Viviers, was involved in a car accident on Monday April 11, at the corner of Blaauwberg Road and Pentz Drive.

Her little car (no accident in 22 years) was hit so hard from the back that the motor bike standing next to her was also knocked over.

When the offending party started reversing, two of the off duty MyCiTi drivers, who had seen everything, jumped into action saying whose fault it was.

The two heroes and knights in shining armour, Racaza and Mbola, were also solicitous and kind to my mom, with Racaza even reminding her to switch off her car.

She was, and unfortunately still is, in a state and heartbroken over her little car. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt physically. Racaza and Mbola insisted on giving their names as witnesses if required.

Please convey mine and the family’s sincerest thanks to these two upright citizens.

It almost restores faith in human nature again.