Sergeant praised for gifting a lift to mom and son

Sergeant Marcellino Nel

Sergeant Marcellino Nel of Table View SAPS was lauded on the #ImStaying group for going beyond the call of duty. 

Parklands resident, Andiswa Cakucaku, posted on the Facebook group saying that on Saturday December 28, she and her two-year-old son were waiting for a MyCiTi bus in a quiet area in Parklands around 7pm. 

She said that a police van drove past and came back 10 minutes later to find them still sitting and had been 30 minutes of them waiting for the bus. Ms Cakucaku said that Sergeant Nel offered them a lift to where they were going. 

“Thank you so much Sergeant Nel, we made it home safe because of you. We need more people like you in this world,” she said.

Sergeant Nel said that he was on patrol that day when he saw the pair sitting at the bus stop.

“That place is very quiet and behind the bus shelter, there is s greenbelt. I was worried that if something had to happen to them, how would they defend themselves. People get robbed in quiet places like that,” he said. 

Sergeant Nel said he was overwhelmed by the love and appreciation he received from Ms Cakucaku and people on Facebook. He said he was doing his bit to make sure the mother and son get home safe.