Serving our readers for 30 years

Chantel Erfort, editor of Cape Community Newspapers which publishes Tabletalk and its 14 sister titles donates blood at Tabletalks recent blood donation drive at Bayside Mall.

Tabletalk holds a special place in my heart.

Nine years ago, when I was serving in the role of acting editor, before taking up the role permanently, Tabletalk’s 21st anniversary was the first event I attended as Captain of Team Cape Community Newspapers, which publishes Tabletalk and its 14 sister titles.

I learned much from that experience – not only about Tabletalk’s passionate, outspoken and civic-minded readership, but also about the strength and dedication of my own team.

And so, here we are, nine years later. While much has changed, many things have stayed the same.

We remain committed to serving our readers and keeping them informed of the issues happening on their doorstep – and of how broader, more far-reaching matters will affect them too.

Our team is still dedicated to covering this diverse area, telling the stories of its triumphs and challenges and serving as the voice of the proverbial voiceless.

Mostly, we strive to uphold the ideals of objectivity, ethical reporting and journalistic excellence which were top of mind when former editor, journalist and City councilor Heather Brenner first founded this paper 30 years ago.

My sincere thanks goes to our advertisers who have loyally supported the paper over the past 30 years; the community leaders and residents who trust us to tell their stories – and the reporters who work tirelessly to ensure that we have you covered, week after week.

And if our souvenir edition – a little stroll down memory lane – sparks the memories of days gone by, we invite you to share them with us by sending an email to

Cheers to 30 years!