Shameema’s labour of love

A Parklands woman is hoping to bag a chunk of the fashion market with her batik-print tote bags.

The cotton bags, with colourful bespoke designs, are a labour of love for Shameema Brown, who has launched her own brand, Shambrown, to market her creations.

“It’s a street-wear accessory brand,” says Ms Brown. “The brand’s ethos is to decrease its environmental footprint through sustainable methods of producing beautiful products.”

She says the bags can be worn to the beach, special events or for simple day-to-day running around.

Last week, she exhibited her bags at the Global Evidence Summit at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

“Going green is very important to me as a designer, as I feel that sustainability and ‘going green’ is the future of product development, manufacturing and production.

“It’s a step forward to not contributing towards fast fashion and the exploitation of cheap labour and our environment.”

Confident about Shambrown’s future, she wants to set up an online shop to sell the bags internationally.

“My vision for my product is to deliver my love for colour, the vibrancy of our culture and to create ‘wearable art’ through fashion and accessories. My bags are living and breathing through this city.”