Sign error

The City of Cape Town says it is aware of the errors made on a signboard at Melkbosstrand beach. A picture of the sign was posted on the Real Melkbosstranders Facebook page last week and residents poked fun at its errors.

The sign says, “Dogs allowed on a leash, except from 9am to 6pm during the summer season (1 Nov – 30 Apr)”. The Afrikaans version, however, is even more fraught with errors, stating that dogs are allowed on a leash but not from 9am until during the summer (1 Nove tot 30 Apr) (sic).

Tabletalk also discovered discrepancies in the Xhosa version. It does not make sense grammatically and there is also a spelling error.

Tracy Haskell posted: “So my dog can be off leash…during those times?”

Toby Clive Goss said: “Dof dowwer dofste”.

The sign’s heading reads, “This a poop scoop area” instead of “This is a poop scoop area”.

Suzette Little, mayoral committee member for area north, said the sign would be replaced with a rectified version as soon as possible.

“We’d like to thank residents for reporting the errors,” said Ms Little.