Smash-and-grab warning

Would-be hijackers attacked a woman in June.

Motorists are being warned to stay alert along Potsdam Road, following a spike in smash-and-grabs there.

Police confirm a recent upswing in the opportunistic crime in the area.

Table View Ratepayers’ Association has posted warnings on its Facebook page and has proposed driving home the message by distributing pamphlets.

Greater Table View Action Forum chairwoman, Karen Davis, said they had raised the issue with the police and Community Police Forum (CPF) more than year ago, and there had been a plan to distribute flyers at the intersection of Koeberg and Blaauwberg roads, but it had not happened.

“Police captains changed and time marched on and it had seemed to quieten down, but now it has reared its head again,” she said.

“I believe that security cameras need to be placed at all the intersections on Potsdam Road, not just at the intersection, but stretching back 50m or so,” she said.

Table View police spokeswoman, Captain Adriana Chandler, said there had been a “noticeable increase in smash-and-grab incidents” in Potsdam Road at the traffic lights near the Stables and the Usasaza MyCiTi bus stop during June and July.

“Keep windows closed and doors locked; do not leave valuable items in plain sight and easily accessible to thieves,” she warned.

Table View CPF chairman, David Harris, said the increase in the smash-and- grabs was very worrying, given police manpower shortages.

“Our SAPS is critically understaffed, and we are still waiting for the return of 27 of our members who were stationed in other areas. Our SAPS is now unable to perform their constitutional duty to the community of Table View.

“The CPF urgently needs the vocal support of the Table View community in its fight for adequate resources for our SAPS,” he said.

JP Smith, Mayco member for safety and security, said intersections near quick escape routes or high foot traffic were particularly vulnerable to smash-and-grabs.

Motorists should keep valuables on the floor of the car or in the boot.

“Keep doors and windows locked and stay off your phone, as it not only distracts you but also makes you vulnerable to possible attack,” he said.