South Roadcleaning

Alfie Weyers, Table View

I was amazed to see how the team sweep the gutters and now and again pick up a few dried leaves and place them into blue litter bags.

The blue litter bags are filled to about 5 to 10 percent with dried leaves and then placed on the sidewalk about every 20m to be collected by another team with a truck the following day.

While they are sweeping the already clean gutters they walk past all the bottles, cans, papers and all sorts of rubble on the sidewalk, but it seems their job only covers dried leaves and does not specify the actual litter in the road and on the sidewalks.

The roads and sidewalks look an absolute mess, while the gutters are spotless.

May I suggest that someone come and take a look at the area and change the strategy in cleaning to forget about the leaves in the gutter and rather spend time picking up the litter on the sidewalks.

This is not unique to South Road – it is happening throughout Table View.

Priya Reddy, spokeswoman for the City of Cape Town, responds: After receiving this enquiry, the cleansing team visited the area and found only very minimal visible litter.

We will, however, continue monitoring the area to ensure that it is being cleaned to an acceptable standard.

In terms of the bags, these are filled according to the weight limit of the plastic.

In cases where sand is being cleared from sidewalks or verges, this can give the appearance that the bag is not being filled enough.

These bags are then picked up by a collection team later in the day, unless there is a service interruption of some kind.