Spinning yarns about St Oswald’s

Susan Stougie.

Susan Stougie, a long-time Milnerton resident and parishioner at St Oswald’s Anglican Church, has produced a book about the church.

Spinning Yarns: An anecdotal history of the little church and its community will be launched on Saturday June 1. The venue has yet to be confirmed.

The book follows the church from the time Milnerton Estates donated the land for it in 1912.

With guidance from Eric Rosenthal’s History of Milnerton to set the scene, Ms Stougie has looked at the people behind the parish.

Included in the book is an account by Heather Brenner of how the parish’s dramatic society, St Oswald’s Players (STOPS), started at the church before moving to the Milnerton Playhouse in Pienaar Road in 1989.

To attend the launch and for details of the venue, call Steph at 072 1994 842 or visit st.oswaldevents@gmail.com