Stand up and be counted

Milnerton residents are wary of what is going on in their ward but this is not stopping them from voicing their opinions.

Tabletalk has been covering various stories concerning Ward 4 and things are only getting more interesting.

In less than a month’s time, a new ward councillor will be elected and hopefully a plan to solve the issues of this ward will come into effect. But let’s not think that just because there will be a new councillor, everything will be satisfactory.

At the recent annual general meeting of the Milnerton Central Residents’ Association (MCRA) the issue of dumped waste in the lagoon became a huge talking point and pictures surfaced on the internet with people complaining about it. There are a lot of long-term illnesses that this can cause. As a result of the waste, the smell from that area is unbearable for residents with chairman of the MCRA, Peter Walsh, saying it’s “basically walking through a toilet”.

Mounting issues about policing in the area is also a very big cause for concern. There have been lots of murmurs about SAPS not having enough resources when it comes to manpower and vehicles.

This is why a call to action was very important at the AGM to get people working together and taking back their communities. Sometimes it doesn’t help just complaining on social media about this and that – sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard yards.