Stop the building

Agi Orfanos, Table View

In response to Summer Jacobs’s story (“Developers lay siege to Table View,” Tabletalk, February 28), I’ve had this discussion with councillors several times over the past 10 years, pointing out that the once existing townhouses and low-level high density apartments were quietly being converted into businesses, factories, second-hand car dealers and even “zero” density funeral parlours.

Contrary to City and MyCiTi desires, Blaauwberg Road has become one long ugly business thoroughfare saved only by the grace of the majestic blue-gum trees.

I also pointed out that the Blaauwberg area is found in an idyllic setting overlooking the Atlantic, the bay and Table Mountain and should as such remain one of the world’s most beautiful and tranquil suburbs (much like Camps Bay) promoting tourism rather than business, which attracts more traffic, noisy delivery bikes and trucks.

There are vast areas elsewhere around Cape Town and inland, more suited to high rises, business parks and not to homes being hijacked by business (as in Raats Drive for example).

Scores of malls have been built in the greater area and there is no need for private homes to become businesses.

Parklands Main Road and the new section of Sandown Road are more suitable for high rises. I remind our councillors that the road and transport infrastructure are lagging at least 15 years behind development.

Our councillors and the City are failing us when applications keep on being made hoping to eventually slip past tired or unaware residents. Table View should be left alone as a quiet residential suburb into which most of us invested our life savings paying high rates and taxes.