Support for beachfront upgrade

Rita Scott, Sunningdale

I cannot agree more with the article “Beachfront in need of attention, says TVRA”, Tabletalk March 23.

The beachfront is absolutely beautiful but really needs a serious infra-structural upgrade – the sooner the better.

Sand-covered roads, paths, and even a public ablution facility covered by sand (on the corner of Blaauwberg Road and Marine Drive). On a windy day it is almost impossible to walk or cycle on the beachfront area because of the sand.

The dune level is greatly affected due to the fact that there is hardly any irrigation system or plants, grass, or flora left on the dunes.

It would be wonderful to see all the work being done hopefully in the near future – and get the area back to the way it used to be and better. Thank you to the (Table View Ratepayers’ Association) committee and team and we wish them well.