Suspected poacher arrested in Melkbos

Abalone recovered in Melkbos.
A suspected poacher was arrested in Melkbosstrand on Sunday August 4.

Members of the SAPS, who were carrying out a joint operation with law enforcement marine unit auxiliary officers and the Melkbos Anti-Poaching Unit, spotted 13 men entering the water in Melkbosstrand.

They stopped and profiled them, but found nothing incriminating.

The officers suspected that the men had stashed the abalone somewhere in the dunes.

They decided to search the area where the men were last seen.

Eventually, they came across one diver guarding a number of bags and diving equipment.

Law enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, said: “He was arrested by the marine unit auxiliary members and taken to Melkbosstrand SAPS. A total of 398 units of abalone, not in a whole state, and 26 units in whole state were recovered.”