Table View matrics excel

■ Table View High School celebrated its 100 percent matric pass rate. This included 17 A aggregates, 43 B aggregates, 199 subject distinctions and 152 Bachelor’s passes. Pictured are 12 of the 17 pupils with an A average celebrating with the traditional glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. At the back, from left, are Savannah Mills, Taryn Williams, Amy Whittaker, Scott Moore and Simone Golan. In front are Claudia van der Linde, Demi de Villiers, Tarah Watts, Cailyn Rudman, Paige Sanderson, Erani Kotzé and Chinazon Anazodo. Those absent include Jason Cloete, Yea Kim, Minseong Choi, Skye Bland and Caitlin Hutchinson.