Table View residents say no to liquor licence application

Table View residents have raised concerns about the guesthouse along Arum Road.

Disgruntled Table View residents have raised their concerns and reasons for objecting to the application for a liquor licence at a guesthouse along Arum Road.

The application was submitted to the Western Cape Liquor Authority on September 15, seeking for onsite consumption of alcohol.

The application speaks of creating jobs for six people and stated that there are no churches, schools, rehabilitation centres or homes for the aged in the immediate area of this guesthouse.

The application also reads that it has the support of the community but residents who have objected said they believe this application was made under the guise of having liquor available for guests but would end up running as a shebeen with the main objective to sell liquor from the premises.

A resident, Monique Baines said she has objected to this application because the premises was never intended for crowd activity, as it is in a residential area and has businesses next door.

“What’s going to happen here? Alcohol will be sold and the business will attract more vagrants who will potentially make this their new hangout spot,” she said.

She added that 94 on Arum is already “a busy place, with loud music and wild parties happening there.”

Ward 113 councillor Joy Solomon said she did not support the application because residents have been complaining about this property.

She said broken bottles are found along this street and that the noise coming from the house is a concern for residents.

Greater Table View Action Forum (GTAF) chairwoman Karen Davis said there are a few properties in the area being run as guesthouses, which turn out to be houses of ill repute with all night parties, loud music, drinking and disturbance affecting neighbouring properties.

“We would like to ensure this does not happen in Arum Road,” she said.

The owner of the property Melissa Simmons said she was not aware that residents were against the application because only one of her neighbours had complained.

“I did not expect such a negative response from residents,” she said.

She added that liquor will only be sold to her guests and not to the public.

“I will not be running a shebeen of any sort.The selection of liquor will be limited; the on-consumption liquor licence is to make beers, wine, alcohol drinks available to guests,” she said.

She said there are rules in place for guests to keep their noise levels down by 8pm.

The Western Cape Liquor Authority’s Rebecca Campbell said only three objections were received to date.

“The application will be gazetted on 07 October 2022 and, according to the usual timeframes, it will be advertised in the local newspaper in the last week of October. From the date of publication in the local newspaper, there will be 28 days for public participation,” she said.