Table View rockers release first single

Beyond Rebellion

A Table View rock band recently released their long awaited single and plan to take over the music industry.

Table View rock Beyond Rebellion are hoping to carve out a niche for themselves in the music industry with the release of their first single.

The band’s Kendal Spinola, Chris Wilson and Jacques Janson say the single is a chance for them to move away from playing covers and give the public a taste of their own sound.

Kendal, 32, the lead singer, says she was always meant to sing because her parents and grandfather were musicians as well.

She came to Cape Town from Johannesburg when she was 6. She was in her early teens when she met Chris in the neighbourhood.

They’ve been best friends ever since and were in a rock band together for seven years.

“After that band broke up in 2010, I travelled the world with a friend singing at corporate gigs.

“It was a lot of hard work, and I did that for about six years before deciding to come back home,” says Kendal, who owns a pet-grooming parlour in Milnerton.

Chris, 28, is the band’s bassist and started playing the guitar at age 13. His dad owned a bar and he would hang out there and watch the live bands.

“I saw a bass player there, and I was mesmerised and knew that was what I wanted to do. I used to be a runner for a band, and that’s how I made enough money to buy my own guitar.”

Chris now works at a music store in Cape Town where they stock and sell a wide variety of musical instruments.

Jacques, who is on lead guitar and backing vocals for the band, arrived on the scene later, and met Chris and Kendal through various gigs.

He also works as a graphic designer.

The band have been together for two years and say they are tired of doing covers – they want to write and produce their own music.

“When we started, we just wanted to have fun and talk about our experiences and it helps that we are such good friends. We try to cater to all ages and connect with our audience,” says Kendal.

Chris says their music stems from “an often painfully honest place” and draws on experiences from old bands breaking up and relationships, among other things.

Their single Masks We Wear was released April 1 and Kendal says it’s about people putting on a brave face despite adversity.

Beyond Rebellion will be at the Rapture Room on Friday May 24 and at Prison – House of Rebels on Saturday July 6. They have a Facebook page, Beyond Rebellion.