Table View singer releases single

Xhanti Mtwana, 23 of Table View, has released a debut single, Narcissist.

Singer and songwriter Xhanti Mtwana, 23, of Table View, released his debut single, Narcissist, last week.

Known as Mtwana, he says his mother introduced him to music from a young age and he has been involved with theatre productions and has been writing his own music since the age of 11

He lives by the motto, “be stronger than your excuses”, and he believes Narcissist will make him a force to be reckoned with in the music business.

He hopes to have an album complete by December, get his music played on local radio stations and work with other artists, he says, adding that his ultimate goal is to have his music played all around the world.

“When people listen to my music, I want them to feel like it is an experience and that it speaks to them.”

He adds: “I’ve learnt that when you make music, it needs to be organic and come from the soul, and in that way, you can touch others through your music,” he says.

Mtwana grew up in Kuils River and was known for dressing like Michael Jackson.

“I dream of being the next king of pop just like Michael,” he says, adding: “I always had a passion for music and performing in front of a crowd. I knew I was built for the stage.”

The song is available on most online platforms including YouTube and Apple Music.