Taxi chaos

Agi Orfanos, Blouberg

It’s unacceptable that the beachfront becomes a parking lot for buses, taxis or mini bus taxis (“Taxi rank pops up”, Tabletalk, June 5).

It is for visitors to the beach or passing traffic or tourism. No one complains should they drop off or collect commuters in a responsible manner.

This daily stacking of mini-bus-taxis brings to it more problems. Vagrants, filth, rubbish being dumped and of course human excrement (as is the case in Sandown Road where mini bus taxis have taken over the cycle track and all bushes and trees have been removed to make way for street selling and loitering).

To spoil an idyllic view with loitering and stacked taxis is unacceptable.

One cannot take over spaces simply because they’re available.

Traffic police should stop cars and motorbikes parking on sidewalks and yellow lines as well as the pathway into the pedestrian crossing and excess vehicles visiting Doodles or other restaurants along the beach should rather park across the road / access by pedestrian crossing and robot.

This situation is eventually going to become worse.

People walking, exercising; jogging or taking children for long walks along the beachfront will be severely compromised.

In fact, as far back as 2012 I submitted Photoshopped images (incorporating Durban’s Beachfront) to the City to show how to make the beachfront more pedestrian-friendly.

The City should act immediately and put a stop to this.

The beachfront shouldn’t be used as a bus terminus or mini bus terminus or parking lot.

It should be a beach resort where people come and go.