Taxi driving unacceptable

J Saks, West Beach

This seems to be a continual problem, especially down Tryall Road, alongside Sunningdale Primary School (“Residents fear rat running,” Tabletalk, July 25).

Parents (including myself) will be sitting waiting for traffic to move, or waiting for children to cross the zebra-crossing and you’ll have taxis gunning down the “on-coming” lane, speeding up to the zebra-crossing ignoring all road rules, any safety towards other cars on the road, never mind the lives of the children.

It is unacceptable.

Will the City of Cape Town or the traffic department only intervene once a life is lost? Has the fact that a taxi has driven through someone’s wall not been enough of a motivating factor to get involved?

If the City or the traffic department don’t do something about it — and by that I mean arrest the driver for reckless endangerment — I can assure you that the local residents will get involved, and you will have a bloodbath on your hands because we are sick and tired of this.

Sandown Road from Sunningdale to the N7 is bad enough, which is an entire headache on its own and deserves serious attention as you have taxi drivers doing the exact same in both directions leaving innocent drivers playing Russian roulette on a daily basis. But to have this happening in our residential area, especially outside of a primary school is unacceptable. I plead with the City of Cape Town or the traffic department to make this a matter of urgency before it is too late.