Taxis issues

Marius Venter, Melkbosstrand

With regards to the taxis driving illegallyin Sunningdale, we have the same problem in Melkbosstrand (“Residents rat on errant taxis”, Tabletalk, October 18). Taxis are only allowed along Otto du Plessis but every day they leave the designated routes and travel through Melkbos along Commaille Road and Mostert Street and they have started driving through other roads as well. I have sent many mails and taken photos and I have been informed that fines have been issued and taxis taken off the road but still they come back and do the same. Need urgent attention to stop this — Marius Venter, Melkbosstrand.

I love the new Table Bay Mall. My kids especially love the big screens on the lifts where they can watch sea creatures. Thank you Table Bay Mall — Tracey, West Beach.