Taxis out of hand

Cordula Behrendt, Bloubergstrand

I am referring to the letter by Mr Orfanos, and I totally agree with him (“Taxi chaos,” Tabletalk, June 12).

The taxi situation is getting out of hand. The taxi operators want to serve the poor, but, to the contrary, they don’t think of other people, and only think of themselves.

Where do the poor in Bloubergstrand work? Mostly in restaurants, guest houses etc. If there are fewer tourists, the poor will suffer even more as they will have no work whatsoever.

I know of many friends from Germany who do not want to visit South Africa anymore. I am sure that this happens to people from other countries as well.

As we all know, we had problems with water and electricity. Do we now also want an unsightly beachfront?

The parking lot where taxis are stacking is the last parking lot before one turns left into Bloubergstrand properly.

Most of the tourists drive to the beach to enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and Table Mountain.

The other day, I saw two police officers talking to some of the taxi drivers. I approached one officer and asked him what they will do about the problem. He just told me that they were dealing with it. This was about one month ago.

As far as I know, there is a stacking area near Bayside. Why is this not being used?

Along the beachfront, there are numerous MyCiTi bus stops, and I think the buses are even cheaper than the taxis. Why can’t the buses be used?

I appeal to the authorities who were voted in by the public to do something about it.