Thank you Jervis

Chris Webster, Sunningdale

May I ask all dog owners and walkers who regularly visit the dog park with their pets to personally thank Jervis, the handyman/ gardener there, for all the effort he has put into making the place always look decent.

From what I understand, the Cape Town municipality set up the original grounds and since then has walked away from the project.

As a result of the drought and reduced water usage, what was once a green and pleasant land is now a desert.

Jervis has, with some judicial use of what water he has been allowed, kept most, if not all, of the shrubs and trees in excellent condition.

He has now been given some shipping pallets and some paint by the owners or tenants of the building, and he has cut up these pallets and made some excellent picket fencing around the flora and bordering the pathways.

Leadville dog park is now a much more attractive place to walk your dog off the lead, but stick to the paths if you don’t want sand in your shoes.