Thank you, Milnerton SAPS

Beverley Prince, Sunningdale

Often we as South Africans are so quick to criticise services, especially government ones.

We anticipate bad or lack of service before we have even given the person/company a chance to prove themselves.

With South Africa’s current uncertainties, many of us have almost given up hope with regards to certain situations, especially the ones requiring government intervention.

On the morning of Thursday October 19, my 82-year old former char had a domestic issue in her flat in Milnerton.

She phoned me in a state asking me to get the police involved.

My immediate thought was, “Is there any point in even phoning the police — what could they do and would they even take the situation seriously?”

I hesitated but then took a chance.

I got through to a voice recording, stating several times that they were experiencing high call volumes and would take the call as soon as they could.

Already I thought this was pointless. Upon getting through to them, I explained my story, thinking they would not be able to help me. I was completely mistaken.

Mr Kruger was both pleasant and efficient and listened to me. He assured me they would send a police vehicle out at their earliest convenience.

I followed up half an hour later with my char and, to my surprise, the police had kept their promise and been to her flat to assess the situation and do what they could to help her.

I am so thankful to Milnerton SAPS for taking my call seriously, amid their schedule of life-threatening situations, and helping my char.

I phoned Mr Kruger to thank him for his excellent service but felt more people should know about the service I received.
This has restored my hope in the police service, and I feel safe and secure knowing how efficiently the police are operating.

You deserve a lot more recognition for your hard work.

If everybody does their share, we can all look forward in hope to a brighter and a safer South Africa.

Thank you, Milnerton SAPS, for doing your share.