Thank you Sanccob

F Levinson, Sea Point

On Saturday afternoon my daughter, Mirelle, took her two dogs to Sunset beach for a walk.

She noticed her dogs sniffing between two rocks near the water. Knowing her dogs, she went to investigate what they had found.

There she found a baby penguin scowling, shivering and in a bad state.

She picked up the penguin. Although the bird was pecking her hands, she carried it to her car, found a box and put the bird in and drove home.

Through your wonderful story by Ronnis Daniels (“Donate a brick to seabird hospital,” Tabletalk, September 27), she knew exactly whom to contact.

She called the SA National Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and then drove the bird to them in Table View.

The staff were brilliant and immediately said this little sea bird was only a very young baby that must have got away from the mother, and, unable to feed itself became weak.

They were going to nurse and feed it so it could regain its strength before being tagged and returned to the ocean.

If my daughter had not found this bird it would either have died of starvation or been mauled by the dogs. (This is a doggy beach).

Thank you, Sanccob, for the wonderful work you do.