Thankful to City

Teresa Pearcey, Table View

I want to make the public aware that our Cape Town municipality has responded to requests I have made to them in the last four years.

We have an open driveway, and a lot of drivers park here (which I don’t mind) and the paving has broken up with the bricks popping up every now and then.

Well, within two weeks of me writing to them, they sent a team of workers who fixed the pavement within two-and-a-half hours, replacing broken bricks and using cement to settle them properly.

There are two open fields on either side of the road leading to our street, which were overgrown with weeds and the street had weeds etc. They came and cleared that.

I also let them know about the overgrown bush next to the bus stop on the corner of Wood Drive and Chestnut Street. It was so overgrown one couldn’t see oncoming cars, a potential hazard.

We cannot expect our municipality to do things for us if they have not been made aware of any problem.

I am very thankful for their service. Thank you, Cape Town municipality.