The time for talking is over

Trevor Moodley, Sanddrift

In so much corridor chatter, everyone seems to have the answers to our challenges (“Eskom must cut costs,” Tabletalk, January 16).

Yes, there is urgency in the way we react, interact and throw out the answers and solutions, but sadly there is “no” physical (blood, sweat and tears) movement.

Is everyone waiting for retirement?

There is light at the end of the tunnel ­­- it’s called hard work.

Is the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry not part of the DNA of the Western Cape?

Perhaps we all must be reminded of previous topics, engagements and alternative energy source discussions that were taking place in the past few years.

Are we still engaging this critical subject in silos, trying to show who is better than the other?

Well, that time of being selfish is over, it’s all hands on deck for now.

Pursue this alternative supplier of gas, which the chamber is proud about, and include it in the energy mix for the open cycle gas turbine (OCGT), which is diesel dependent.

Conversion from OCGT to combined cycle gas turbines (gas) will definitely reduce our financial burden in keeping the lights on and maintaining a steady grid.

Yes, this elephant is a big challenge for all of us; we can jointly chip away at it, little bits at a time.

It’s back to basics for all of us, swallow your pride and become your brother’s keeper.

Respect your individual codes of conduct, as functionally we are incapable of following the rules on our own.

Become honest process- and procedure-compliant ambassadors for the energy industry.