Think about others

JM Hatton, Bothasig

There was a roadblock by the Edgemead Centre on Saturday.

Why? Well, some small-minded person decided there were too many cars and people walking around.

So they phoned a SAPS general.

No, they were not content with contacting the local police station, they had to phone a general.

These people were out shopping.

It’s Easter, and they probably wanted Easter eggs for their family after they had been working from home all week.

Also they need to stock up for the coming week.

Please, before you do something like this again, think.

The majority of people are law abiding citizens, they are not going off to the beach etc.

If you order online, you have to wait at least a week before your order is delivered, and people do need to go out and have some fresh air, even though they have to stand in a queue and wear a mask and practise physical distancing.

We have all got to get through this, and doing something like that won’t help.