Problem area to be fenced

A crime-plagued thoroughfare between Phoenix and Joe Slovo will be fenced off by October, according to Ward 4 councillor Wandisile Ngeyi.

Mr Ngeyi made the announcement while on a “power patrol” through Phoenix on Friday night, July 26.

The problem passage is at the end of Pisces Road.

About 45 patrollers from Tygerhof, Sanddrift, Summer Greens, Brooklyn and Ysterplaat neighbourhood watches joined the Phoenix Neighbourhood Watch as well as City Law Enforcement, SAPS and proportional representation councillor Ursula Barends.

Mr Ngeyi said the thoroughfare was a robbery hotspot.

The fence would have a gate that would be locked at night, the key held be a Pisces Road resident.

“We put bollards up a few months ago to stop vehicles driving through it, but it’s not enough. We need to have the fence as well,” he said.

The patrol covered mugging hot spots, and Law Enforcement issued fines for vehicle-licensing and parking violations.

A resident who did not want to be named complained about a growing number of boarding houses in the area.

“We understand there is a housing crises, but the problem is the owners of these properties don’t live here so they are not keeping a hand on them,” he said.

Illegal parking was a problem, he said, because the boarding houses did not allocate bays for tenants.

Andrew Mentor said booms that had once stopped people parking in a field near the canal in Milk Way had been stolen.

There had also been several muggings in the area.

One of the patrollers picked up a plastic gun in Taurus Road which was handed over to SAPS.

Phoenix resident Russel Capes urged more people to become involved with the neighbourhood watch.